Route:  Elm Street to 10 Street; Run the student center parking deck (speedsters come back for the 6); from the deck head to the nipple (speedsters come back for the 6 at the top); over the nipple to the stop light at 14th street and back to the flag.

I originally planned to hit the deck again on the way back down 10th street and a few of the speedster PAX did and a few of us hit the meat locker 2x and then made it back to the flag at 617am.

Great group of men this morning.  Thanks to Tortoise for the opportunity to Q

Prayer Requests:  Cable had a MRI (results coming anyway); Fred Stinko is going through a divorce (Encourage all PAX to reach out to him to get him in the gloom, lunch, beer for support)

Announcements:  YHC has the Q at Buildup Wednesday; Past Due has the Halloween Q at The Rush Thursday

See you soon in the gloom


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