0440 EC Ruck with YHC, Patch, Lenny, Tap, Stabes, Pulp, Kool-Aid, Brownie, Cold Cut and Hawkeye..let me know if I missed anybody.

0530 Pledge of Allegiance

Warm up:


10 Good Mornings IC

10 Cotton Pickers IC

Mosey to the gate 6 circle for Sally, squat position bring Sally up bring Sally down with the song lyrics.

Partner up AMRAP 1 partner perform Bulgerian squats while other runs up the stairs and back

Mosey to the tennis court hill for another AMRAP

10 little baby flutter kicks on the bottom and 10 hilbillies on the top

Bear crawl up the hill and crab walk down

Mosey to the big hill for Jerry Rice (exicon pending)

Sprints up the hill

Last round bear crawl up

Mosey to the statue and partner up again

1 partner possom walk (bear crawl around the bench) while the other partner runs up and down the stairs.

Mosey back to the gate 6 circle and find a spot on the wall and a partner for people’s chair high knee. 25,20,15,10

Back to the flag for 2 rounds each of keg stands 10,15 seconds

Mary 50 hip thrusters and 1 minute flutter kicks

Prayer requests:

Charlie Brown’s sister

King Pin

Titanic’s mom

Brownie’s classmate 

Cold Cut’s son David


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