Today was YHC’s last day as Site-Q for The Collard Patch, so I chose to go out by Q-ing. From now on YOU can volunteer to Q by reaching out to Pot Hole.

Warm Up
SSH – 20
Good Mornings – 10
Lap around the track  (right out of the gate, Pot Hole was overheard EHing Goggles to Q in June)

The Thang
PAX were instructed to partner-up for accountability.
“The Maupin” was named in honor of Staff Sergeant Maupin who was KIA on 4/9/04.
It consists of 4 Rounds:
-49 merkins
-49 WW2s
-49 squats
-1 lap around the track

B – 5 Burpees
L – 10 Lunges
I – 15 Imperial Walkers
M – 20 Merkins
P – 25 Plank Jacks
S – 30 Squats

Mosey to the rock pile

Curls for the girls – 25
Tricep Extensions – 25

Mosey back to the flag

1:30 of Flutter Kicks


-Duff’s Family
-Scotty Moe and his family
-Bambino job search
-Peace in our world

HDHH – Tapped will be debuting two styles of F3 Beer at 6:00.  5k run at 5:30.
Lunch tomorrow is at GK Cafe

It has been an honor to serve as Site-Q for the #BestAOinAyden, but the time has come to #GiveItAway.  Pot Hole has some good ideas for the site.  I look forward to seeing them put into action.  Don’t make him ask you to Q.  Step Right Up.

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