Site Q, Made Me Late was looking for a few good men to step up and Q for a couple of dates.  After giving ample time for good men to step up, YHC decided any #HIM would do.  YHC’s first plan was all hills to get ready for BRR, but I knew not all PAX were running the BRR, so a little change was decided upon and it went down like this…

The Thang.

Take off West towards Greene street and left at the light, south to 5th street, then left, run to Elm St and another left.  Run North on Elm to 1st st., left on 1st st. and take the 1st left and go back to 5th street.  Basically a Zig Zag, North and South between 1st and 5th Streets until we get back to the shovel flag.

This Run gave everyone a taste of hills without the distaste of not being able to catch your breath while running them.

DID I mention it was raining. Yep, it was a great morning to be alive and out in all of GOD’s glory!

18 Pax counted off, Name O Rama, Prayer Requests. YHC prayed us out and pictures were taken.


Afterwards a couple of Pax were stretching and hanging around reflecting on their Runs in the rain, when Cousin IT asked YHC where I’d been.  I told him I needed to run alone this week to get my head right for the BRR.  Last year, my first BRR leg was pretty lonely and all my training was with F3 pax, so it was very awkward to be in a relay race and not have anybody to push or help push me.  Certainly, the thought of my team waiting for me to get to the EZ was motivation, but the mental side of running alone is both wonderful and self sabotaging. The mind wants to quit, it wants relief from the pain. The heart beats faster and the breathing is heavier – the body is not used to the 8-10% grades we’ll face.

I’ve surpassed my total mileage from last year and we’re less than 2 weeks away, so I’ve trained more than ever before – will I be ready to run every inch of my BRR legs?

Yeah, but I’ll still walk!

Past Due

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