Excited to start off day 1 of the Stabler Trifecta but YHC must admit that I was a bit sore and a bit tired after logging a 12 mile ruck the night before with Chimi. Easily could’ve fartsacked but what would the Stabler Trifecta be without Stabler! YHC, Patch, The Hot Spot, Just the Tip, Pulp and FNG (Mike Grubey) met at 0440 for an EC Ruck. Noonan, Grout and Grisham showed up for EC but took their own special route and we did not see them until the end of the workout — wonder what it takes to get in the Cool Kids Club 😉 Got back to the flag at 0530 to see a total of 12 PAX ready to take part in the Trifecta. No need to delay the fun; disclaimer given and we were off…

Warm Up

  • Good Mornings  x11 IC
  • SSH x11 IC
  • Michael Phelps x11 IC

The Thang

Moseyed over to the track. Began at one end behind the goalpost. For lap 1, 25 merkins at one end. Run to the other end of the track and perform 50 squats. For the second lap, 25 GOOOODDDD Merkins (super wide-arm) and at the other end, 50 monkey humpers – back to the starting point.

Took a short mosey to the goalline of the endzone. PAX would partner up. Partner A would bear crawl the length of the football field while partner B lunged behind him. Whichever partner finished first, would perform plank jacks until the other partner finishes. The bear crawlers always finished before the lingers… lesson learned for Little Mermaid! Partners flapjack on the way back.

Moseyed to the opposite side of the school near the buses and the hill for a round of 7s. At the bottom of the hill, burpees. Bearcrawl up the hill and at the top, perform squat jumps. Crabwalk down the hill. Hot Spot picked up a nice old lady and taught her how to do burpees and bear crawls. YHC thinks he got her digits as well… bravo Playa… bravo…

Moseyed to the front of the school. Line up at the first tree. PAX would perform 5 merkins at each tree and bearcrawl in between trees. Once at the end, rinse and repeat but this time lunge between trees and perform 5 squats at each tree

Took a brief mosey to the wall. People’s Chair with a 5 count from each PAX. Next round would be chicken peckers with each PAX performing 6 peckers when their turn came up while others held BTTW.

Count O Rama and Name O Rama

– Welcome FNG Mike Grubey to F3 ENC, now known as 8 Mile

Prayer Requests

The Furlough Family

Whitehurst Family

Abu’s Dad

Sid Bradshaw and the loss of his mother

Grisham’s Dad and his heart procedure

C12 Business Owners

Cold-Cut’s son

Duff’s family


Stabler Trifeca continues tomorrow at The Clydesdales. Friday at WestSide Story

Stabler has the Q Saturday at #116

The Sasquatch is coming July 27th… Sign Up!


Great way to kick off the Stabler Trifecta with a total of 12 PAX that gave it their all. Lots of mumblechatter about how much bearcrawl was involved but you know when Stabler Qs, bearcrawl will be involved! It was great to be back Qing at #TheSchoolYard. I typically take Wednesdays off to recover but it’s a great AO and so close to the house. Mermaid has done  a terrific job promoting the AO and you can tell by the recent numbers out there. Great work Mermaid! Day 2 of the Stabler Trifecta continues tomorrow at #TheClydesdales. How many of these PAX will post to conquer Day 2. Stayed tuned to find out. Until next time…

Stabler Out

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