35 Degrees and not a cloud in the sky, stars as far as the eye could see….. Chum Lee scheduled to Q but called Tuesday afternoon and was not feeling well.  YHC reached out on Slack early afternoon to see if anyone wanted to pick up a Q for Chum.  No response, so YHC planned on being the Q in place of Chum Lee.  Rolled in to BLP and quite a few had already posted for EC.  Lots of PAX started pouring in and it looked like a pretty good group.  Started some mumble chatter before warm up with YHC, Stabler, Patch and Candy Cane about the Q.  YHC had a good workout planned, but scrapped it after we decided to do a co-Q.  Plan was for YHC to stay with the locations/areas planned for the workout but pick different Q for each set of exercises/area.

YHC started the warm up and it went a little something like this….

-Disclaimer Given, FNG Welcomed


Backhoe Q

*Plank jacks x 15 IC

*SSH x 15 IC

*Imperial walkers x 15 IC

*Cotton pickers x 15 IC


Backhoe Q

-Started with Indian run lap around BLP

-Moseyed to pylons by playground equipment

* Bear crawl slalom through pylons and crab walk back to the sidewalk

—Moseyed to picnic shell-tar

Stabler Q

*7’s – super step up’s and shoulder tap BTTW at fence behind shell-tar

*Peoples chair on fence, 3 count by all PAX one by one

——Moseyed back to track around BLP

Cousin It Q

—— Moseyed to all four intersections/crosswalks and performed

*Burpees x 5 IC

*Hallelujah’s x 10 IC

*WW 1’s x 15 IC

*Merkins x 20 IC

——Moseyed back to rock pile, grab coupon

Psycho Q

*curls x 30 IC

*triceps extensions x 30 IC

Rinsed and repeated 3-4 rounds

——Moseyed back to flag just in time for 6:15

—Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama, Named FNG, Welcome Joystick!!


*Patch 2.0

*Injured PAX

*Cold Cut Grandchildren


*pre-convergence for Coopstrong


SYITG, Backhoe

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