We had a great turnout this am at Build Up with 14 PAX strong!  Started precisely on time with warmups of SSH, GM’s and Butt Kickers!

Mosey to rock pile for a round of exercises with the granite with curls for the gurls by YHC then handed off to Cold Cut, Stern and Fruity Pebbles with their choice of an exercise.  Concluded, tossed the rocks back then mosey to the playground (ice skating rink), dropped and did 7 Burpees then mosey to the circle, partnered up.  Each partnership rocked out 50 Merkins, 100 LBC then 200 Squat while the other partner mosey down their choice of 3 different lanes and back then lead off from where their partner was at.

Next to the picnic shelter with 10 rounds of 10 squats then stepped over 3 rows of tables and another 10 squats…repeat 5x.

Mosey to the flag for 11’s (due to time limited to 5’s) with Plank Jacks, lunged from flag to next tree then repeat of the Squat.

Went to the wall for People’s chair with a 10 count by each PAX.

We worked those legs out this am!


Cold Cut:  Daughter gave birth to twins on Friday (Foster and Graham)

Prayer Requests…

Psycho:  Friend’s daughter (2yrs old) has Viral Pneumonia

String Bean:  Guest speaker this am at EB Aycock FCA…prayer that his words would be encouraging and speak on “The Power of Words”.  He had a middle school coach that encouraged and changed the trajectory of his life.

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