YHC was thinking about keeping it short but with tempo.  Lately we have been going after 800m+ for repeats, but it’s good to bring it back down and use different muscle fibers.  In addition we wanted to go after less rest in between reps to keep the motor burning along with the legs.

The Thang:

800m warmup

4x400m hard with 200m rest

800m easy

4x400m hard with 200m rest

Run the rest for time

Prayer Requests:

Praying for a quick recovery for Spalding

Furlough family, students teachers at Wintergreen

End of school year prayers for families, kids, teachers

Abu’s Father


Sign up for Sasquatch

Pax Lunch at ShoGun

Sign up for Big Run June 5th at 6pm in Uptown Greenville. All proceeds benefit Ainsley’s Angels.  If you are planning to push use coupon code Angels19 to save $15, if you plan to run use coupon code F3ENC.

Fiesta Biathlon, gonna be a hot one, go run/ride/volunteer or cheer on

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