Sometime ago Chimichanga asked YHC to Q, thought we had a date set, but guess there was no hard date. He asked earlier when YHC could Q and gave a few options. Since the original Q was on IR and YHC was thinking it was about the time, gobbled it up! Chimichanga has been taking full advantage of the Slack channel for his site, but also decided to put out the challenge to post here if you haven’t ever done so or if it’s been awhile. He would do 2 burpees for each PAX that took the challenge. The challenge was WSA (Weasel Shaker Approved) and even showed to show his approval. Many PAX that YHC hadn’t ever remembered being in attendance were standing there waiting to see what was about to go down…

Warm-up/Jackin’ Around

10 Side Straddle Hops IC
10 Seal Jacks IC
10 Smurf Jacks IC
10 Plank Jacks IC
10 Chilly Jacks IC

Enough Jackin’ Around, Mosey toward the benches by Gate 6!

The Thang

20’s between the benches, consisting of:
Lunge In Between

Some guys blew through this as most PAX were at about 8 & 12, so we mosey towards some shelter…

10 WWI’s @ Minges
Mosey up to the top of the Murphy Center Stairs
10 WWII’s
Rinse & Repeat for 3 Rounds
Plank-o-rama for the six in the middle

We then took a Mosey toward the benches by Gate 4!

19’s between the benches, consisting of:
Bear Crawl In Between

We were all near 8 & 11 when YHC called a Mosey back to the #ShovelFlag!


Pied Piper’s upcoming back surgery on Monday, 1/14!

Hot Spot has an appointment early February to offer some relief!

Easy Rider’s 2.0, 16 year old daughter, with school related stress.

Bono’s secretary, Lynette, with an appointment due to health concerns.

YHC closed us in prayer.


Chimichanga has the Q @ #WestSideStory tomorrow!

Lunch tomorrow @ Abram’s – 11:45am!

Tonka has the Q @ #BoydLeeBeatdown on Saturday!

Bono mentioned the upcoming GrowRuck in Richmond on March 23rd, see this for more info!

String Bean mentioned the F3 Superbowl/Mudrun near Columbia, SC usually in May (date has not been finalized)! Checkout this for more info! ENC had 3 teams last year and looking to double that, stay tuned for a discounted signup too…


Awesome to see a HUGE crowd out this am. Some asked before if it was because of The Burpee Challenge or me queuing, I think it’s because of the Burpees. Hadn’t seen Jock Itch in quite a while, he gave me a tall hug (maybe the tallest person ever to hug me). It was good to see several other PAX that YHC doesn’t see much of…

I tried to make this workout in a small area with not much mileage to increase the pain. Many hated it, then understood and pushed through! Quite a bit of #mumblechatter, counting, and reps, but NO ONE SAID IT WOULD BE EASY!!!

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