YHC pulled into our expansion AO LC105 around 5:20 and quickly learned (with Marshall) we chose the wrong parking lot which added a little extra jog to get to the flag. As we all arrived we enjoyed some mumble chatter with a backdrop of un-lite Christmas trees, hoping Chew would have a Grizwalds experience of lighting the trees earlier (didn’t happen).  The clock struck 5:30, I gave the disclaimer, and we began.

Warm up:
3 Burpees (this number will grow with each Q’ed workout I do)

2 circuits of:
15 SSH (IC)
15 Merkins (DOWN)
15 Squats (DOWN)
10 Arm Burners (IC)

The Thang:
Pick up the six for 105
we counted off by twos and paired up. Each pair would do the exercises together and finish running together. We each will do a total of 105 reps (in remembrance of Allen Pearson), and 1.5 mile run due to it being a requirement to pass BLET school.
35 Merkins per person
0.5 mile run
35 Sit ups per person
0.5 mile run
35 thrusters per person
0.5 mile run

High speed chase
Each team would line up behind our starting point (trash can). We would post one of our team members about 20 yards away (picnic table), he would plank until the next HIM got there. Each PAX would bear crawl from starting point to the PAX at the picnic table. Once there the PAX planking would get up and sprint back to the starting point; if not bear crawling or sprinting we planked as we waited.
Bear crawl
plank while waiting
sprint back

Cool down
15 SSH (IC)
10 Good Mornings (IC)
10 Abe Vigodas (IC)
10 Flutter Kicks (IC) led by Runt
10 Windshield wipers (IC) led by Permit

prayer/praise request for Vas’s daughter and our country.

PIC in front of the flag.

MOLESKIN: We all should push to be 1% stronger than the day before. Working out in pairs allows for concentrated encouragement to push just a little harder. We are better HIMs because of it!

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