YHC was nervous for this Q as I’ve never Q’d a track workout before.  Oh well, time to get work.

The Thang
We completed the traditional 2 lap warm up and met back at the starting line.
We then did 800m at 5k race pace, followed by 800m at an easy pace.
Next was 400m at 5k pace, followed by 400m easy.

PAX were then divided into 2 groups and then those groups were split in half.  The instruction was given for one set of 2 men to run in the usual direction at a fast pace, while their corresponding 2 men headed in the opposite direction at an easy pace.  When the two pairs met, they switched paces, but continued in the same directions.  We repeated this until each set of men had completed 5 segments at their fast pace.

We then did 400m speed intervals until 6:15.

-Half-Pipe’s M searching for a job
-Abu’s dad is having surgery on Tuesday
-Praise for Fiddler’s classmate Garrett coming to school yesterday
-Cousin IT’s dad is getting remarried today
-Praise for Fiddler being at the Oval Office
-Less fortunate families in our area

The Oval Office has been a blessing to me.  I’m getting faster every week as a result of posting here. Whether you’re an avid runner or just wanting to get started, you should post at the Oval.

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