YHC came up with the Q swap idea to get PAX to post to different sites, but the real secret is that YHC just wanted to workout some at the Oval Office.
Was able to integrate my whiteboard and whistle into the workout so now YHC can go on VAC knowing that life is good.

The Thang
Workout was broke into 6 Seven Minute Segments
Segment 1 – Warmup laps
Segment 2 – Sprint down straights, jog around corners
Segment 3 – run your 5k pace around the track the opposite way
Segment 4 – turn back regular way and lengthen your stride about 2-4 inches per step
Segment 5 – run with minimal to no arm swing
Segment 6 – full out, all you got

Count O Rama and Name O Rama – 16 PAX, picture posted to socials

Prayer/Praise requests
Cousin IT’s son did not require surgery
THEE Hot Spot enjoyed some family time at commons concert last night
Spare Change upcoming job interview
Fathers Day

Closed with BOM

Sasquatch is coming.

Be Kind to others, Smile a lot(it is contagious), Find ways to have fun, and love life.


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