YHC is feeling nostalgic as the days tick down to “The Move” and so are some site Qs. The invitations to Q have been thick and YHC was taught to say yes. So when asked about Qing #TheCommons the answer was yes (Sorry Past Due). Since this was YHCs first posting the idea was to re-create that air suckimg, full body ache YHC experienced without disappointing the “runners”. This the Two Towers route was relived. The Pax was really excited so YHC took command, got their attention and announced the start and we were off like a dirty shirt. (Filthy animals on the loose!)
(stop lights and stop signs run back to the 6)
LEG 1:East on 1st to 5th. Right on 5th to Elm. Elm to 10th and turn right to bottom of college hill. (Rally up for 6)
LEG 2: Up College Hill to 14th turn right to Rock Springs and down 10th to Text and Science Bldg to run the 2 stairwells (thus the Two Towers)  (Rally up for the  6).
LEG 3: Up 10th to Cotanche North on Cotanche to the parking deck. People’s Chair for the 6. Run in a circle for Bono’s documentary. Brief thanks to the Pax from YHC while we listened to the birds and admired the glow on the horizon from a rising ENC Crossbones sunrise. Mosey down the deck and to the flag.
Prayer Requests: Praise and continuing prayers for Stringbean’s mom for recovery; Praise for Floater’s daughter moving to NC to make sure the grandbaby is a tar heel born and bred; traveling Pax during the holidays; Pax recovering from injuries. Welcome to Made Me Late (FNG) Be careful when Gazelle starts naming people.
YHC wanted to end this post at the top of the parking deck. The memory of those early post and the pain experienced will not be forgotten. The memory that stands out is a post where the Q (Bono) made sure each man understood how blessed we were to be there. That sunrise, and the sweat angels on the pavement is a great memory and fuel when YHC is needing to push through the suck. So many good memories of men encouraging YHC and each other. Leaving no man behind and not were you find them has made me a.better man!  Keep it hole to hole boys and see you down the road. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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