Warm Up
-20 SSH
-20 Hill Billies
-20 WW2
-5 Burpees

The Thang
Ciabatta (30 seconds AMRAP, 10 seconds of rest), 2 sets for each round

Round 1:
Pull Ups, Goblet Squats, Lunge Presses, Sumo-Squat High-Pulls

Round 2:
Russian (chest high) Swings, Triceps extensions, Overhead Squats, KB Step-Ups

Farmers carry to the tree, overhead carry back

Round 3:
Right-Arm Plank Rows, WW1 (with KB), Curls for the Girls, Left-Arm Plank Rows

Line up by the flag, pick a partner
-Partner 1 run to first tree and back. Partner 2 Goblet Squats AMRAP, Flapjack

At this point, we moseyed to the parking lot to avoid the sand spurs
-Partner 1 farmers carry to end of the parking lot and back, Partner 2 WW2 AMRAP, Flapjack
-Partner 1 lunge to Silverado’s Explorer, farmer carry back, Partner 2 chest press AMRAP, Flapjack
-Partner 1 runs to end of parking lot, Partner 2 burpees AMRAP, Flapjack

Mary – PAX Choice

-Candy Cane’s grandmother
-Grout’s and PunchOut’s 2.0s
-Cable’ and Cousteau’s job searches
-Praise for Cable’s house selling in under 3 hours
-Kid from Sound Bite and YHC’s church who has blood cancer
-our country and its divisions

-Sasquatch 8/1/20
-Gazelle will be Qing BlastOff tomorrow

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