YHC was asked by Backhoe to pick a date to Q #Buildup, and having never Q’d at BLP, yhc was excited to be asked. Plenty of weinkies were thought of, but yhc wanted to incorporate and have a little bit of fun facts from yhc’s homeland.  A plan was set, sleep was lost because of excitement, and  yhc was ready to take the pax on a little vacation they hopefully won’t forget.  Yhc had an #ecsoloruck, and was excited to see headlights pulling into blp.  Was glad that no pax had asked yhc to perform a Samoan dance!  Pax circled up, disclaimer given, and off we went.

  • Warm up
  • SSH – 55 IC (YHC is from American Samoa where there is a population of 55k.  We can fit them all in Dowdy!  Chatter started early as the cadence seemed to not end.)
  • Thang
  • THE ROCK! – The most popular Polynesian in the world right now is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  So we moseyed to the “rock” pile.  American Samoa, a U.S. territory, is also known to the locals as “the rock.”  Proud to be Americans!!!
    • Pax to select a rock and partner up.  Each pair were to keep one rock and get rid of the smaller between the two.
    • Round 1 – P1 American Hammers with rocks – Amrap.  P2 Bear Crawl traffic circle.  Switch.  (More chatter here when bear crawls were instructed, “do you have bears on your island?”  No!  but we’re doing it anyways! 😉
    • Round 2 – P1 – Overhead press with rocks – P2 – Lunge around traffic circle.  Switch.
  • Wayfinders! – (Polynesians are known for their navigation of the Pacific Ocean.  Usually “scout wayfinders” were sent into new islands discovered.  More chatter here as pax are used to the Indian run.)
    • Scout Run around park to baseball field near shelter.
  • Celestial Navigation! – “Wayfinders” of the Pacific had no compasses to navigate.  They mastered the wayfinding by using the stars and reading the currents… Or maybe they just got lost and stumbled into a lot of these islands???
    • YHC arrived early to plant a lamp on the fence for the “star.”
    • Partner up.  P1 and P2 were to run around the field in opposite directions.  When the partners met around center field – 20 partner Merkins.  When completed, partners were to continue lap around the field back to the star at home base.  The partner who made it to the star last was to do 2 burpees.  yhc was hoping all pax would want to get home together, none the less, burpees were completed by some.  Recover!
    • Mosey to the shelter (good call by Cousin It as he called to mosey to the “yellow” star above the shelter!)
  • HUT – The typical home on the islands is called a hut, which looks like the shelter, the origin of panoramic views, because huts had no windows or doors.
    • H – Hurricane Hoedown – IC – Variety of flutter kick workouts.  (Plenty of chatter here as you can imagine.  Pax weren’t sure yhc got the exicon correct.)
    • U – Up downs – IC (yhc reliving old football days.  A Samoan male is 56x more likely to play in the NFL than an American non-Samoan.  Guess yhc missed that gene pool!)
    • T – Tunnel of Trust – pax were to hold plank across the two sets of tables while each pax bear crawled underneath.  Pax had to shuffle towards the front of line after each pax crawled.  Recover.
    • Mosey back to the flag.
  • Island Hopping!
    • PAX got into two teams and lined up single at the flag facing road.  Pax in front of line frog jumped to first tree and sprint back while pax in wait held Al gore until it was their turn.  Losing team had to do 5 burpees.  In the f3 brotherhood, no man is left behind, so all pax joined in the suck of completing burpees together!
  • Time!


  • Cold Cut’s daughter expecting twins today!  GCC (Grandpa Cold-cut)
  • Duff and his family
  • Gazelle’s Grandmother and her health
  • Yhc prayed us out.
    • Announcements
  • Theology by Fire at KK – 8 PM
  • Buildup needs Q’s for April
  • Pothole has the Q at West Side Story this Friday!
  • Cousin It announced, to yhc’s surprise, yhc gets to sign plank 1.0 & 2.0.  It’s been a blast and privilege!  Thanks IT!

Moleskin – YHC is blessed with sharing a little bit about the Polynesian heritage and history.  Blessed to be a citizen of the greatest country, but above all, blessed to share it the gloom with these brothers.  Looking to grow in all 3 F’s especially 3rd F as yhc looks forward to a country not built by human hands.  Thanks Backhoe for the opportunity to Q and the men were on fire like hot lava!

Blessings! – FP

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