YHC arrived before EC ruck to drop off my toy (tractor tire) at an undisclosed location for later fun. YHC then hit EC ruck with Abu, Noonan, Lil Mermaid, and Scotty Moe for 3 miles. Tip of the hat to Cousteau who joined in the last leg. When we got back to the flag YHC was stoked to see a crowd ready for the beatdown!

After Chicken Wang got outfitted by Rucks-R-Us (aka Abu) it was 5:30 in the a.m., the gloom was peak gloominess, and it was game time.

Got a little warm up on…
• SSH x 15
• Imperial Walkers x 15
• Daisy Pickers x 15
• Windshield Wipers x 15
• Little Baby Arm Circles x 10
o Reverse for x 10
o Big Arm Circles x 10

The Thang…

• Moseyed to cement circle and divided into two groups to work on 11’s
o One side did merkins
o Once side did jump ups
o Lunges to reach the other side
• Moseyed around the Fick, around the graveyard, to reach Clark-LeClair Stadium for the men to pay their respect for opening day. Go Pirates!
• Moseyed through roots and shrubbery to reach the RV lot… Waiting at the RV lot was a tractor tire, 2 wooden poles, and 2 bigger gauged PVC pipes
o PAX partnered up and farmer-walked the tractor tire (using poles inserted into the center of the tire for grip) from one end of the RV lot to other. Non-carrying PAX partner did hallelujahs when not carrying the tire.
o PAX maintained AMRAP and took turns carrying the tire
 Squats x 10
 Burpees x 10
 Hallelujahs x 20
 Midway through audible called for core-work AMRAP
• Flutter kicks x 10
• LBCs x 10
• Windshield wipers x 10
• Jailbreak back to the flag

Big time thanks to Noonan for the chance to Q and toss out the VQ status for YHC. Support was amazing from Site Q and all PAX. Blessed.

*YHC needs to take a class in camera-ing…

Prayers: Candy Cane for family decisions and Little Mermaid for good weather for convergence

Announcements: PAX lunch today (tiebreakers), VOTE FOR SUPERLATIVES (4 year F3 anniversary convergence Boyd Lee Park TOMORROW, 7am-8am (Breakfast at 8am prepared and served by Villa Verde F3Snooki), EC run or ruck at 6am before convergence, Contact F3 Snooki or F3 Hot Spot if interested in Daddy Daughter Dance tickets tonight (YHC highly recommends).

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