Lately we have been running different distance intervals at The Oval Office.  I decided we switch it up and run sets for different lengths of time.


800 meter (2 laps) warm up

After each set we re-grouped back at the start
3:00 min hard 30 second easy x1
2:00 min hard 30 second easy x2
1:30 min hard 30 second easy x3
1:00 min hard 30 second easy x4
30 seconds hard 30 seconds easy x5

800 meter (2 laps) cool down

Praise from Gamecock and having the Pax keep him accountable.

Pray we don’t catch funk going around


The best part about The Oval Office is the variety you can throw at Pax on the track.  We can go for distance, speed, time.  Whatever, and everyone is pretty much together.  I love seeing how The Oval Office is growing and becoming a weekly AO for Pax.  Till next time, God bless!

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