Feeling a little under the weather on New Year’s Day and not being entertained at all by the College football games being offered up, I happened to take a little peak at the twitter machine in my boredom and noticed that I had the Q at The School Yard on Wed.  I knew I had one coming up there, thinking it was the 9th though.  Being late in the day I didn’t have much time to dream up a fresh beat down so I took an oldie out of the bag.   It is simple and effective.  However with me battling a little chest congestion thing going on top exercise asthma I probably should have thought out it little more.   Anyway I wheezed on through and lived to wheeze another day.

Warm up

Leg stretches a set of 10 side straddle hops and good mornings followed by a mosey over to the track for an Indian run.

The Thang

1 lap around the track sprinting the long stretches pulling back on the short.  Followed by 10 burpbees, 30 air squats, 30 lunges and 30 Mary’s x 4 laps.

With 10 minutes to spare we had time for 100 partner Dips and 100 partner Derkins

Patch and Coldcut arrived For an EC Ruck and met Mike, the retired army guy, who was working out at the track.  Though he didn’t participate in our workout he showed up for our picture at the end.  He promised us he will join in next time.  We shall see.

Prayer concerns

Patch’s 2.0 one more semester to get school right, Little Mermaids friends mom going to Duke for MS symptoms, Cold Cut’s brother had masses in his lungs, Bono’s secretary has masses behind her eye and Children going back to school.  Cold Cut’s daughter carrying twins.


SlimJim Qing at Rush and Mash.  Silverback at the schoolyard next week. Q source starting this Sunday.






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