The theme this 2.0 workout was “Have a Ball”

The Warmup – Random amounts of merkins, sun gods, burpees, jumping jacks (corrected to a misheard Terrestrial Hops, corrected to Side-straddle Hops).  The Rip really wanted to incorporate a follow me so we did a random short follow me around the front of the park.

The Thang

Beach Ball Hot Potato – We started with two beach balls, the first having a different exercise on each panel and the other with the amount of reps on each panel.  The balls were passed/kicked/volleyed/punched around while music was played and when YHC stops the music the exercise and rep count under the PAX right thumb is what we did.

The Ball Relay Race – The 2.0s wanted to it to be us versus them.  The relay was 5 merkins with both hands on a football, hop 15 yards with a beachball between your legs while holding a soccer ball, at the cone drop the soccer ball and pick up the beachball and drop the soccer ball.  Dribble the soccer ball 10 yards and then up the soccer ball and sprint back the start point and tag the next person.  YHC did not anticipate the amount of PAX showing up today so there was a bit of standing around for this one.

Crab Soccer – Using the cones from the relay we made a big rectangle and everyone got in the crab position and we basically played soccer with a massive exercise ball.  Not as much moving around as I thought but way more laughs.

Dodgeball – By far the 2.0s favorite.  I mean who wouldn’t enjoy hurling dodgeballs at their parents.  3 dodgeballs, all different colors.  If you get hit by the ball you had to step out and do your exercise before coming back into the game.  If you get hit by a second ball before leaving the arena you had to do both exercise.  Green ball was 10 hallelujahs, yellow ball was 8 squats, red ball was 6 burpees.

Prayer Requests – the only prayer request was for the “the world” as the COVID-19 outbreak was just starting to take its toll.

I had an amazing time VQing the 2.0 workout.  Listening to the kids laughing and having a great time is something that should never be taken for granted.  I’m sorry the backblast was so late!


Mallory Goldberg – Icebox – 2.0 of Parrothead
Hudson Hyde – Cubbie – 2.0 of Thunderbird
Lyla Hyde – Smiley – 2.0 of Thunderbird
Riley Tittle – Athena – 2.0 of Chicken Wang
Avery Tittle – Spike – 2.0 of Chicken Wang


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