Here we are another F3ENC Memorial Day #Murph! We had one group that started 0530, while the rest of us enjoyed an hour more of sleep! A strong group of 16 started earlier and was finishing up as we were ready to get started. Two pull-up stations were mentioned. YHC also mentioned how to break down the reps. We headed towards the Adult Playground while others went toward the Kiddie Playground.

The Thang

RX – wear a 20lb vest! Poppins had a ruck sack, Cable had a vest that he didn’t know how much weight (possibly 40), and YHC had a 20lb vest.

Run a mile
100 Pull-ups
200 Merkins
300 Squats
Run mile

Suggested to break down the exercises into 20 Rounds of 5 Pull-ups, 10 Merkins, and 15 Squats.

Cable pushed hard and knocked out his reps, Half-Pipe was right there with him!

Rafiki came around the track, followed by Aquaman and Strokes.

YHC finished shortly after FIA completed about 2 Fly-bys.

Mayhem took off shortly after, followed by Poppins.

Cable ran along side Poppins, YHC walked in reverse till joining them. All PAX finished together once we were by the #ShovelFlag!


The PAX had many requests, here are a few.

YHC has a church friend, Brad, in his 30’s that starts Chemo tomorrow.

Rafiki mentioned some friends that are out of town going through the adoption process.

YHC closed us in prayer thanking for our freedom!


Crackerbarrel following.

Cold-Cut has the Q @ #EaglesRidge tomorrow.


What a strong group today! #Mumblechatter was low, due to all the counting. Was good to hear about Mayhem’s 2.0 and Cable’s relative possibly serving together.

Poppins has just started coming back, but pushed through the reps with the Ruck! He didn’t walk at all the last mile, was driven to finish!

Half-Pipe ran about 3 miles before the #Murph! Strokes was unable to do Pull-ups because of an injury so he continuously ran.

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