YHC has had a lot going on this month so I have had some long nights. I am always ready for Wednesdays to get here. YHC had the Q this morning and I was ready because I was in a Qing MOOD!!!
Now lets dip into this a find out what really happened.

The PAX started rolling in about 5 min before 530, YHC could see on everyone face that it was going to be a great morning.

Alright Men Circle up its go time

Warm Up
SSH- 20
Mountain Climbers- 10

The Thang
Mosey to the Track

4 Corners Mile
PAX ran around the track 4 times and did an exercise of 10 reps at each of the 4 corners on the track

Merkins- 40
LBC- 40
Squats- 40
Burpees- 40

Matlock was feeling it this morning the man was on full throttle the whole workout

Mosey over to the small set of bleachers

10 and 10 9 and 9 8 and 8…………..

Run from sideline to sideline

On the side with the Irkins once the PAX got to 5 they switched from Irkins to Dips

Mosey to the sidewalk wall area

Mule Kicks

Mosey to the Flag

Circle Up Matlock called American Hammers


Silverbacks friend Beverly
Charlotte victims
Stern- Got a good report from the Doc

Tapped 5K today at 5:30
Friday evening Youth Group at First Christian Church is having a out of the box to raise money for the homeless shelter

I am excited at how TheSchoolYard has done since YHC took over. I would like to thank all the PAX that keep making this AO tough and desired to come too. I hope we together can keep this AO strong and always have good numbers. I have enjoyed it so far and YHC is looking for many more GLOOMY morning with these Men GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!

Til next
Mermaid OUT!!!

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