The Little Mermaid sent a request for YHC to provide a beating! He gave the first available date. YHC was unsure about the date as he would be out of town for days previous and getting back late at night/early morning, what better way to HC though (unlike Fruity Pebbles and Shrimp)! Pulled up and the PAX were eagerly awaiting, well most (more on that later). Barefoot returned after the #1stBell on Friday. Time had struck 0530 and you know what time it is…


10 Overhead Claps IC
10 Good Mornings IC
10 Maktar Ndiayes IC

The Thang

Mosey to the track, watching out for whatever the rope is there for.

Here the PAX were introduced/reintroduced to Dirty McDeuce:

12 Hand Release Merkins IC
12 Squats IC
Run a Lap, return for the six

12 Left Side Staggered Merkins IC
12 Lunges IC
Run a Lap, return for the six

Shortly before we started the lap, Mr. Heyman chose to join us. The saying is real, better late than never! TLM stated we all need to do a burpee before we ran, YHC and others told him to stay in his lane. The time would come…

12 Right Side Staggered Merkins IC
12 Jump Squats IC
12 LBC’s IC
Run a Lap, return for the six

12 Diamond Merkins
12 Jump Lunges IC
12 Reverse Crunches IC
Run a Lap, return for the six

Now, since Mr. Heyman was at least 5 minutes late. 5 Burpees OYO!

Mosey to the Field goal post. Line up for Carolina Choo Choo. Roughly 2-3 guys in between 10 year markers. Each PAX went through 2x before almost reaching the other side. Some side stepped PAX, some put in work!

We then moseyed back toward the School to meet at the wall, partnered up as we got close.

One Partner ran down to the rope and did 2 Agitator Squats, while the other remained at the wall doing Donkey Kicks till the six returned. We did three rounds of this.

From the Wall we did Walkouts to the Rope, some again took another way of getting there, some put in the work. PAX were to plank when they arrived, but some weren’t doing that. YHC said Plank Jacks instead, that way there was movement.

We then moseyed to the benches at the school entrance. Many PAX thought it was time to sit down, so we did 1 Burpee OYO. We then did the following:

5 Dips IC
5 Heals to Heaven IC
10 Dips IC
10 Heals to Heaven IC
15 Dips IC
15 Heals to Heaven IC
10 Dips IC
10 Heals to Heaven IC
5 Dips IC
5 Heals to Heaven IC

We moseyed back to the #ShovelFlag to close it out with…


YHC gave a short testimony to his last 2 Q’s. After arriving home after 12am, YHC Q’d #FirstAid Friday. After arrive home around 1am last night, YHC Q’d today. Is is easy? The better question is is necessary to become Bigger, Stronger, Faster? Encouraged PAX to post as much as possible, but not just post – WORK to make you and your brothers better in all 3 areas!!!

Charlie Brown mentioned KingPin going through Cancer treatments for the next 18 months and to reach out to him!

TLM mentioned his M struggling during this pregnancy, due in December.

Cold-Cut mentioned his niece with Breast Cancer.

YHC closed in prayer!


100 Men Dinner is Next Week, see the Announcement Page of this fine website!

Minnesota Fats has the Q Next Week at #EaglesRidge.

YHC challenged the PAX to signup for a #CSAUP, plenty available!


It was good to be back after being out of town for 4 full days. Was eager to workout and see my brothers! Was it easy? Should it be? I think you know the answers…

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