YHC was excited to get a text from Fruity Pebbles asking me to Q this AO earlier this week. Abu had to miss it, so YHC gladly stepped into the slot. Having only been part of F3 for about two months, YHC was a little unsure of the process (and told Fruity that a few new names of exercises might come out), but it was worth the shot. After looking at a few backblasts and firing off some Twitter taunts, YHC was ready to take the lead. Thankfully YHC wasn’t a ghost Q and beat the fartsack, but that was definitely a worry. After arriving at around 5:15, YHC was pleased to see a handful of PAX already gathered, and anticipating a FNG. The EC ruck and run crews arrived back at the shovel flag, so it was time to start the show.

The Thang:

Warm up:

Intro as VQ and shared quote about the “prepared man is the successful man,” and that our Qsource focus this week is on the strength that comes from Qmunity

Side straddle hops (20)
Good mornings (15)
Copperhead squats (20)

Indian run around the church, which slowly picked up speed. It turned into an amoeba of PAX toward the end.

Move to the drivethru/overhand/portico (whatever it’s called)
4 corners, with declining reps of 15, 10 and 5 at each corner
Corner 1: merkens
Corner 2: lunges
Corner 3: knee taps
Corner 4: hand release merkens
(FNG Roker arrived, did quick intros, and kept moving; a few PAX suggested his nickname be ‘late to the party)

Move to the ballfield
After a little self-imposed confusion, the crew lined up together.
At the first line, do 15 absolutions
At the middle line, do 15 LBCs
At the far line, do 15 jump squats
Back to the first line, do 14 of each rep at each line again
After grumbling and seeing where this was headed, reps were quickly reduced to 10 and 5

Move to the parking lot
Each PAX found a partner to play a little ‘catch me if you can’ around the perimeter of the church
Partner 1 runs backwards as partner 2 does three burpees, then tries to catch him
Some PAX forgot how to run backwards but all figured it out eventually


Travolta merkins (called by String Bean)
Crucible merkins (called by Patch)
Freddie Mercury’s (many) (called by Spinal Tap)
LBC’s (called by Fruity Pebbles)


Prayers for Candy Cane and his family’s move; prayers for Scotty Moe; prayers for safe 2.0 travel on a field trip


Great energy this morning; really enjoyed the opportunity and thankful to Fruity for asking me. FNG Roker texted me after and said he really enjoyed the fellowship — welcome! Also, Grout runs backwards as fast as a cheetah.

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