WARM UP: SSH X 15, Good Mornings X 10.

THE THANG: Indian run around the track and stop at the shelter.

  • 7’s with big boy step ups and clorox merkins
  • 7’s with durkins and dips

Indian run around the track to the rocks.

  • Supers 7’s up count
  • Tricep extensions X 12 IC
  • Rock rows X 12 IC
  • Overhead press X 12 IC
  • Squat X 12 IC

Mosey to the parking lot for ladder merkins going to 10, finish the rest of the ladder with lunges while lunging going forward and moseying back, 2 is 1 for 8 parking spots.

Indian Run around the track back to the parking lot.

  • BOMBS while your partner bear crawls to the light pole and moseys back – Burpees 25, Overhead claps X 50, Merkins X 75, Big boy situps aka WW1 X 100..

6:15 before we could finish the WW1’s.

Prayer request – Harper family and Nancys son battling stage 4 cancer.

Announcements: Lunch at Marios tacos and coop strong race coming up.


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