It was a great day to run.  At 0530, there was only one rucker around, so he decided to run in his boots!  We had a few guys who showed up to run that are usually ruckers…so props to those guys for trying something new!

The Thang
We took 1st Street to 5th, 5th to 10th, and then took a right on Cedar.  Another right on Wright followed by a left on Wright (not a typo).  Another left on 10th, followed by a right on Elm.  Left on 1st right on Greene and then around Town Commons until 6:15.  It was a long route, but the PAX made it through in time.  We found a few ruckers and mall walkers near the end.

Cousin IT’s Friend starting chemo
Crankshaft’s M had a baby
Vanilla’s M had a baby
Abu’s dad and King Pin with cancer treatments
Bono’s M lost a grandparent and has another that is going into long-term care
Gazelle lost his grandmother
DuctMan’s new marriage
Duff’s family
AquaMan’s mom
Phillip Wainwright family
Half-Pipe’s M has a phone interview coming up

Mole Skin
YHC was inspired to see Fruity Pebbles, Italian Stallion, and Achtung pushing through the mileage.  Distance PR’s were set today!  Nice work men!

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