Silver back asked YHC a couple of months ago to Q, and due to popularity of this site today was the first day I could volunteer.  YHC has been traveling and not working out as much as he should.  Thus, this was a welcome opportunity to get back in the gloom.  YHC wanted to combine functional strength exercises with double kettle bell lifts.

Here is how it went down:

Warm Up:

Lap around the park

KB Halo

squats without KB’s


Body weight lunges

KB Dead lifts

Functional training portion:

1/2 get up demo

Full turkish get up demo

Turkish get ups with KB in hand OYO 5 each side

KB Snatch demo

KB Snatch 8-12 reps 3 rounds OYO

Partner Work training: (2 kettle bells used for each exercise)

KB Rack Squat- 3 rounds 8-12 reps

KB Push Press- 3 rounds 8-12 reps

KB Double Row- 3 rounds 8-12 reps

Conditioning phase:

Keep the same partner- one partner does the KB high pull while the other partner runs to the first well and back (200 reps)

Prayer Requests:

Hot Spot’s 2.0 taking the ACT

Injured PAX


sign up for an event (Sasquatch, BRR etc.)

Welcome FNG Passion.  Thanks for coming out!  Hope to see you soon in the gloom.




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