Stabler and Patch hoofed it around town for an EC ruck.

Bono gave the disclaimer for the hound and revealed YHC as the Q.
NO Warm up…it’s too cold.
YHC delivered the context of the workout. Hercules was given 12 labors as penance after he killed his wife and children.
This workout would be or penance for showing up

1.Slay the bear of red banks.
At the sidewalk in front of the school, bear crawl to the second sidewalk.
Mosey to the parking lot.
2.Tame the serpent of Aycock (mumble chatter bonus for the name)
Indian run around the traffic circle, through the middle, to the football field.
3. Capture Jack Webb
1 Merkin followed by 4 hallelujahs. Increase the merkins by 1 and the hallelujahs by 4, until 10 merkins.
The counting was inaccurate at best. But, several PAX attempted to keep track of the count and eventually we finished.
4.Command the Sun to move
clockwork abs. On your 6, feet at 6 inches. Legs move to the position on the clock.
5.Capture Dan Taylor
Line up on the field. 1 squat followed by 4 lunges. increase squats by 1 and lunges by 4, length of the field.
6. Swim the English channel
flutter kicks to failure. 1 merkin penance, back to flutter kicks. 2 min total.
7. Climb mt. merkin
at the bleachers, 1 merkin at each level, increase count by 1. Too slick to go back down with merkins.
8.Capture the duck of Greenville.
Bono duck walks across the field, PAX duck run after him. Vanilla captures him and is relieved of a 5 burpee penalty.
mosey to the wall.
9.Sit in the seat of the scornful
people’s chair for a 10 count. Everyone hated spinal tap by the end (including the neighborhood).
10. Crawl through the swamp of misery
BTTW. each pax crawled under to the end and assumed the BTTW position. YHC was left out at the end.
11. Carry Midas’ gold
partner up, wheelbarrow from the wall to the flag, switch partners and wheelbarrow back.
mosey to the flag.
1 burpee for leaving YHC out of the swamp of misery.
12. Defeat the 3 headed hound
You have to post at the next two hounds to complete this task.

prayers: Elliot family, Injured PAX, Hot Spots ankle, Abu’s back.
the hound day 2 is at the good fight, bring a kettlebell is you got it.
Dash for cash this Sunday. Sign up

After a Q at ruck ready, Bono approached me about Q’ing for the hound. I was surprised because I don’t see myself as someone who gives a beatdown worthy of the hound. However, I accepted the opportunity to better myself. Often times I like to give a theme to my workouts, and today was no different. It was a lot to get through, but it kept us moving and it kept the mumble chatter at a high. I think mumble chatter is a great tool if used properly. On a cold as balls day, mumble chatter takes your mind off the cold. At any workout, mumble chatter takes your mind off the fact that you’re up at 530 AM with a bunch of dudes when you could be fartsacking with your M.
I am thankful for the men who post at F3 and who provide me opportunities to better myself. I may mess up the count (quite often), I may make silly themes, I may even give what some consider a weak Q, but I post. For me, that is the battle. I post for the workout, I post for my brothers, I post because fartsacking doesn’t push me, but the men I meet in the gloom do.
My intent was to create a workout that would not deter any first time hounders from posting for day 2. I hope I didn’t neuter the hound.
Thanks for the opportunity and thanks to those who posted.

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