Broga Warmup

1 Mile Run

Grab a second KB.

Rico and Fiddler performed all exercises with one KB, all other PAX used two

Russian Swings x 10 IC

Gunslinger Swings (hammer curl swings) x 10 IC

Dead Cleans (start from ground every time) x 10 IC

Long Cycle Cleans (start from ground but then don’t touch the ground until complete) x 10 IC

See Saw Press (alternating press and rotate) x 10 IC

Donkey Kong Snatches (snatch, to rack, to snatch) x 10 IC

KB Merkin, Deadlift, Rows x 10 IC

Offset Clean Snatches (one KB cleans while other snatches) x 10 each side IC

Offset Rack Suitcase Deadlifts (one KB in rack, other at side) x 10 each side IC

Single Leg RDL Offset Cleans (both KBs in front, perform RDL, on way up, KB that is on elevated leg side cleans while other KB is at side of leg on ground) x 10 each side IC

Thrusters x 10 IC

Turkish Getup (using one KB) x 2 each side IC

5 minute AMRAP Finisher

5 inverted burpees (squat rollup to handstand)

3 double KB Russian swing, clean, snatch

Prayer Requests: Injured PAX, Jock Itch’s brother, Hot Pursuit, Wimpie, Fiddler’s neck

Announcements: Tortoise has the Q at #TheCommons tomorrow

Moleskin: How do you make Boyd Lee Beatdown more intense? Add a second KB. Enough said. Asaparagus was challenged when I took away his 30# KB to give it to Gazelle and gave him two 35s. He crushed it! All of us did. Strong work men. Until next time. SYITG!

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