YHC has this workout in his hip pocket too long, he has wanted to Q it and then the day came to do it! Immediately apologized to the pax that the idea had been there, but the planning was not really done. As YHC was getting close to the park, it looked like someone was leaving. Met them at the entrance, only to find out it was Thunderbird making his glorious return. Cable and Chestnut then pulled in, and of course Strokes brought up the rear! Announced that the theme was going to be Football due to the Super Bowl tomorrow, so what better way to start with then the…


10 Cotton Pickers IC
10 High Knees IC
10 Butt Kickers IC
Short mosey to the sidewalk (practice field) and back

The Thang

1st Quarter:

Wide Receiver runs forward to sidewalk (game field)
Defensive Back runs backwards in back of them to the sidewalk
Left Guard does Double KB Lift
Right Guard does Cleans
Quarterback does Bicep Curls
Running Back does Tricep Press
We would rotate around.
Score: 0 – 0 (several bad routes)
Mosey to the sidewalk (practice field) and back

2nd Quarter:

Same as the first!
Score: 0 – 0 (fumble fest)

3rd Quarter:

Switched to Ground and Pound Game!
Wide Receiver Carioke’s to sidewalk facing parking lot
Defensive Back Carioke’s to sidewalk facing building
Left Guard does Manmakers
Right Guard does Snatches
Quarterback does Hallelujahs/Push Press
Running back does KB V-ups
We would rotate around.
Score: 0 – 0 (defense was good, offense was lackluster)
Mosey to the sidewalk (practice field) and back

4th Quarter:

Same as the third!
Score: 0 – 0 (Field Goals kept hitting the uprights)


Time to put in work!
Wide Receiver Bear Crawls to first tree/light pole
Defensive Back Crawl Bears to first tree/light pole
Left Guard does Suitcase Rows
Right Guard does Lunge Pass throughs
Quarterback does KB Swings
Running Back does American Hammers
Score: 0 – 0 (will this thing ever end)
Mosey to the sidewalk (practice field) and back

Double Overtime:

Same as the 1st Overtime, but we would win if we finished the round!
Score: 2 – 0 (we got a safety)


Cable mentioned his family was travelling to Tampa for work and hopefully a little family time.

Chestnut was hoping to keep up with his school work while travelling.

Cable mentioned a Co-workers Mom with health problems.

Praise to have Thunderbird back in action.

YHC closed us in prayer.


PAX were going to Bagelman for #2ndF!

YHC had to split for Upward Basketball Evaluations, if you have a 2.0 (4 years old through six grade) sign them up and bring them to People’s Baptist Church for Evaluations on Saturday, February 16th! Thunderbird brought his 2.0’s!!!

New Nation Shirt Logo, order open till 2/16!


Plan went off without a hitch. Though there was putting it together on the fly… The boys put in some work! My phone was a little glitchy during video-name-o-rama so it did not record names/faces and who they wanted to win tomorrow. Everybody, but Cable and I was for the Rams though (not a surprise)!

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