We could not have asked for a more beautiful day here in Kinston to complete this challenge.  Some pax started at 7 because of prior obligations this afternoon.  The majority started at 9, after an explanation was given about how the workout was going to go and any questions were answered we got going.  YHC’s only regret is not checking that the speaker was going to work before we began the workout.  But I digress.

The workout went as such

1.5 miles(5 Laps)

Round 1: Up Downs

Round 2: Mericans

Round 3: Squats

1.5 Miles(5 Laps)

Round 4: Rows

Round 5: Thrusters

Round 6: Russian Cinder Block Swings

1.5 Miles(5 Laps)

Round 7: WW2 Sit Ups

Round 8: Freddie Mercurys(2 Count)

Round 9: Row The Boats

1.5 Miles(5 Laps)

Round 10: Decline Mericans

Round 11: Flutter Kicks(2 Count)

Round 12: Bench Press

3 Miles(11 Laps)

During each of the rounds we stopped every ten yards on the football field and completed seven repetitions of the given exercise.  Equaling 12 sets of 7 reps, giving us a total of 84 repetitions per exercise.  Once we got to the other end of the field we would run down and back, except for rounds 3, 6, 9 and 12.  On those rounds we would simply take off on our next run.  During rounds 6 and 12, each pax would carry their CMU back to the other end of the field and begin their run.  By the end of the day we had covered around 12 miles and completed 1,008 repetitions of the various exercises.


It truly was an honor to put together this event and challenge myself alongside my F3 Brothers.  I am looking forward to the next CSAUP and excited for what F3s future looks like in Kinston.

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