1200 meter warm up

1 mile repeats with a lap of recovery plus picking up the six after each mile. Pace was instructed to be under your 5k pace.

We got three reps in before time was called.

Circle up at the flag, counted off, namearoma, prayer requests, announcements, and picture.


Guys at Growruck, Footloose’s reunion with his biological mother, praise from Captain for the great turnout, Captain’s half marathon, Hotspot’s surgery, Gazelle’s father in law surgery, and Gazelles wife’s grandmother’s passing, Sadie (newborn) Lancaster home from the hospital, Praise for YHC’s 2.0 alive and well!


Convergence in Grimesland near the horse stables before the bridge. workout at 6:30, breakfast, then speakers afterwards. Signup at f3enc.com/tribe.


Wedgie is a big man who can move quickly. Matlock has trouble seeing in the dark. Everyone was glad to see Strokes. Grout out.

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