Today was a good day for a Good Fight, actually the way we worked it was a Good’r Fight. 15 studs posted this morning for a taste.

Warm-Up: We moseyed down the path around the playground equipment back to the bells. We then completed slo-burpees; Merkins; squats; Mike Phelps; and Star Jumps.

The Thang

Odd Numbers

  • KB Swings (x15) – focus on tight/straight core; use hips (pelvic tilt); head up (show your nipples)
  • KB Goblet Squat (x13) – KB against collarbones; squat to parallel or below; show nipples
  • Burpees (x11) (IC )
  • KB Deadlift (x9) – two hands; straight back; KB close to body
  • KB OH Press(x7 per side) – Push hand through KB w/handle resting on palm; neutral wrist; elbow tight; shoulders pressed down  (NOT Broken arm)
  • KB Burpees (x5)
  • Sprint suicides to each tree (x3 trees)
  • Rinse and Repeat. We did at least 3 rounds of this.

Then we moseyed to the shelter for a little focused work:

Core x3

  • Slo-Lo Lateral Rise IC each side
  • Leg/Knee lifts IC
  • Heels to Bells IC

Upper Body

  • Tricep Extensions IC x3
  • Bicep curls IC x3
  • Yeses IC x2

BOM/COT: Prayers for Fruitys Grandma; the Closed Hands father in law; NoIDeers dad and his travels to be with him.

Moleskin: Today was a good day to be back at the Good Fight. Thursday’s are usually my ShieldLock day so it’s been a while since I’ve been back to the AO of my first Site Q.

Sometimes YHCs brain farts, like when I named the OH Press the Clean. When in charge, take charged, so we went with what the Q said, not what was on the whiteboard. Anything done in triplicate is better so that was one lesson this Q was built on.

Speaking of the ShieldLock, YHC needed to run today. Part of the personal accountability from a ShieldLock is to accelerate. When you run with faster guys, you have to get faster. Remember that YHC thinks running to only run is stupid. However, running with friends or running in the BRR is a challenge worth taking on. Today, there was neither. At 0500, no one showed up for the EC Run and it was time to make a stupid run. Today was a recovery run. Slow and just running to run. In the end it’s wasn’t awful. Just stupid. My only regret is not running an extra mile with Rafiki because Mammon called. That’s all I have to say on that.

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