YHC and Slalom decided on a site Q swap for this week, so I was happy to get a chance to get back to the school yard for some fun around the track. These post-holiday January and February months can be tough on anyone, so YHC decided to focus again on gratitude and making thankfulness a daily practice — not only does it help improve your outlook, it also improves your health!

Thus, we got to it!

Warm up: side straddle hops, good mornings, good nights, and merkens

Mosey to the track for a mix of PT and laps, with the goal of getting in 8 laps for a total of 2 miles.

PT before each lap included: 20 merkens, 30 squats, and 40 LBCs. Then each PAX runs a lap and takes a quarter lap breather before picking up the PT again. These workouts, where you are basically working against the clock and against yourself, can sometimes be the toughest. Why? Because it’s easy to trail off toward the end and not achieve the goal/standard and let the clock save your butt. But, YHC was really proud of each PAX for pushing hard to the best of their ability.

Thanks Slalom for the chance to Q!! Great turnout too!

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