Absolute honor to be able to host the 3rd leg of the Hound! Respect to all who took it on!

Absolutely beautiful day the Lord blessed us with to join together in fellowship! All praise goes to him!


SSH 10 four counts in cadence

1minute to stretch all that hurts


Mosey to the softball field…

Line up on the first baseline facing left field, Army crawls through the dirt, hit the grass run to the fence and back to dirt for Army crawls x3 (down and back is 1)! This exercise sucked all the way around but the motivation and drive to keep the six in the fight was worth it all!

Mosey to the rockpile! (Aka My Boo)

30 4-count OHP 🔥


Mosey to football lotwhere a larger set of coupons than a CVS receipt resided!


New!! 80′ rope sled pulls (upperbody) with 100lbs down and back is one

Combine tire! 2-13lb sledge hammers 20 hits, flip 6xs

Railroad tie farmers! Down and back

Railroad tie OHP 2count alt

Frog plex on 100lb barbell- 3 deadlifts. 3 rows. 3 cleans. 3 fronts squats. 3 OHP. 3 back squats = 1

Backpack sled pulls 100lbs

Keg toss over tall fence 2 large and 2 small

13 phenomenal competitors showed up ready to work, and work they did!

Mosey back to TR for a merry go round for remaining 3mins


T-claps to the competitors who completed all the heads!


Youth trip safety, String bean on 18yrs of Marriage ( Hooyah brother)

Ended it with some Watermelon sent from God himself ( or so it seemed in that moment)

Now I have a purpose of why we do what we do!:

Saturday during my youth trip, we had 2 boats out towing youth on tubes. It had been a great day, a little choppy storm rolled in so I was going to take a few of my girls back to the house. I had cut power to the boat as I was moving stuff around. A few of my boys decided they wanted to come back with us and chose to swim from one boat to the other, maybe 100yrds or so apart. The chop was around 1.5 to 2ft high. One of my guys started yelling his arms were done and he disappeared. I have been trained in harsh water recovery as well as combat and tactical diving….but that was almost 11years ago. I instantly dove in and swam, with all I had, i could see his face then he was gone again. I got to his area and he was under water so I dove….looking…reaching..to find him. Contact! I felt his neck, immediately grabbed him and pulled him topside! He gasp for air! He was dead weight, completely crapped and scared to death! The other boat was getting lines out of the water so it could hurry over. The youth member climbed on my back freaking out. In training I was taught to knock him unconscious…probably would be hard to explain to my church and him mama so I left that to a last resort. I done all I could to keep him up, constantly going under myself! I was so fatigued, not only from the workout listed above but from trying to hang with all these youth kids that day, and now Im in the fight for not only my life but his as well! I had made the decision that I will his feet in my hands and push off the river floor (10-12′) to keep him up before I let this young man meet his maker. A rush of so many thoughts came through my mind…a mother having to bury her son. Or a young wife and 2 little children burying their Daddy. The will to fight took over, and we stayed up. Until finally the other boat swung across in front of us and threw a line….we were safe! We were good. He is good. I am good. And more importantly God is good! I say all of that to say this, we may seem extreme,  we may seem unconventional, we may look dumb sometimes! But we could be the difference between life and death! Keep pushing that boulder! God is good brothers

Proverbs 17:17

Seal OUT!!!!!

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