Warm up


10 Good Mornings IC

Mosey to the rock pile and grab 2 rocks

Static arm curls 4X10

Superset front/side raise 4X10

Return rocks to the pile

Mosey to the tennis court for BLIMPS, exercises done at each corner:

5 Burpees

10 Lunges

15 Imperial walkers

20 Merkins

25 Plank jacks

30 squats


Rinse and repeat!


Mosey back to the parking lot for sprints after a quick stop for Scotty Moe to beat up a black snake.

Prayer requests:

Phillip Wainwright

Growth of G3 Farmville


Still looking for some HIM to volunteer to Q in the village..Wednesdays and Saturdays are wide open..let the Farmville Nantan Scotty know if you are available

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