EC ruck with Hot Spot, Noonan, Candy Cane, Grout, Cousteau, The Closed Hand, and Silverback


Hot Spot has been easing back into F3 from his injury and doing so well, I asked him to Q at #TheGoodFight, and he said “we should co-Q and make it epic!”  So, with that in mind, we kept playing with the workout to make sure it was a full body beat down and use as much of the time in motion as possible.


After taking care of the disclaimer, we run to the first stoplight on the way to  Evans and back or do LBCs

The Thang:


Each PAX count off 1 & 2

Group 1: Silverback Legs

  • EMOM at the shelter: 10 Overhead sit down Squats/10 overhead step ups on the bench, plank till the end of minute

Group 2: Hot Spot for 3 min Tabata Core/Abs with kettle Bell and plank during 10 second break

  • V Up’s (3MINS)
  • WW1’S (3MINS)
  • American Hammers (3MINS)

After 10 minutes…. Group 1 will switch with Group 2


11’s with group together (10 minutes) with Hot Spot

  • Burpees and thrusters with Bear Crawl


Last 10 minutes of Arms with Silverback (In reality it ended up being about 5 minutes instead of 10, but it was still enough time.

AMRAP in time remaining:

  • 10 Bicep Curls
  • 10 Tricep Press
  • 10 Merkins


  • Prayer Requests:  The Closed Hand has an important meeting at work and we want that to go well, Greenville Little League practice starts March 14 and hope for a great season, Grout has FCA at one of the middle schools and we are praying for a good turnout and receptive kids, and lastly, our injured PAX
  • Announcements:  Cousin IT announced a new standing Friday Lunch at 11:45 with this Friday being at Zaxby’s on Fire Tower Road, and a reminder of CoopStrong Saturday with a convergence prior to the CoopStrong at 7:15

And now….time to recover!

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