Warm Up

4 count SSH x 10 IC

4 count Merkins x 10 IC

4 count Squats x 10 IC

The Thang

Single KB Form School to ensure proper form, especially since we had some new guys and wanted to get them familiar with the movements for later on

Russian Swing x 5 IC

American Swing x 5 IC

Dead Lift x 5 each side IC

Clean x 5 each side IC

High Pull x 5 each side IC

Snatch x 5 each side IC

Row Clean Squat Press x 3 each side IC

Game on! Time to intensify with two kettlebells.

Double KB Exercises

Gunslingers(similar to a KB swing except KBs are turned and arms bend as if you are raising two pistols, like a hammer curl swing) x 20

Bear Plank Alternating Rowsx 10 each side

Deadlift Jump Back Suitcase(outside the legs)Swings= 1 rep x 10

Alternating Straight Leg Lift Merkinsx 20

Alternating Snatch/Cleans(one arm snatches, one arm cleans focusing on the snatch) x 10 each side

Row Clean Squat Pressx 10

Russian Swingx 20

Pressed/Racked(one KB is pressed, other is racked) Alternating Backward Lungex 10 each side

Burpee Rowx 20

Alternating Suitcase Forward Lunge to RDL= 1 x 10 each side

YHC brought the white board (weinke) over to Asaparagus, who was new to KBs, and asked him what the hardest exercise for him was. He said Deadlift Jump Back Suitcase (outside the legs) Swings. Familiarity increases self-efficacy, so to get better at them, we repeated that exercise. Since I wanted our FNG (JUUL) to come back, I asked him what his favorite exercise was. He said none initially but then said Gunslingers, so we did them again.

Cool down lap

Cousin IT led 1 minute of Mary

Prayer Requests: Captain Obvious’ mom, my pops, Duff’s family, Caliente’s mom, praise for our FNG coming out, JUUL’s grandfather, Cousin IT’s retirement from Upward bball,

Announcements: www.f3enc.com/announcements

Moleskin: I was a happy man when I pulled up to Boyd Lee at 6:05 and saw a car I didn’t recognize in the parking lot. As I drove by, I noticed it was the FNG that I invited last night while checking out at Harris Teeter. JUUL was working the register and asked me what I was doing over the weekend. I told him I was leading a workout in the morning, and he asked where, when, and what kind. I told him and invited him out. He took down the info on his phone and said he may come out. Usually when “may” is said, it ends up being a no, but he showed up and put in work. It wasn’t easy and I told him if he could get through this workout he could get through any. JUUL joined us for Coffeeteria even though he is doing intermittent fasting. He mentioned that he saw a lot of F3 presence after the hurricane and it intrigued him to check it out on Google. All it took was an invite to a workout, and now he is in. Welcome aboard brother. Another shoutout to Asparagus for the last two weeks. Last week he took the lead for BrogaMeetsYoga but left afterwards. Today he showed up for yoga and stayed for the workout. You were awesome brother. You handled those KBs like a champ. Cable has the Q next week as I’ll be in DC for the GORUCK 50 miler Star Course.

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