The last week of January 2021 has seen all kinds of different weather and today was no different.  From cold rain, to snow, to bitterly cold(to ENC) and this morning what started as rain quickly turned to sleet and then some flurries.  It was a great morning with our F3 brothers and an even better morning for the voyage of the Black Pearl.

Runners were: Footloose, Gazelle, Slim Jim, Abu, String Bean, and Cousin It.

Route: First Street, 4th Street and 5th street.

Easy on 1.

Partnered up at 4th and Elm and did sprint intervals at each intersection going down 4th towards Cotanche.  We alternated between sprints and easy pace.

East on Cotance and 5th, rise and repeat on the way back

Ruckers were everyone else except Noonan, Candy Cane, Slalom, and Ricky Bobby were doing the Ruck challenge the rest joined me for The Commons Ruck.

Down Greene to Dickinson and up over the nipple.

Turned into a shuffle up the nipple lead by Skynard and Patch and off goes Fin and Beer Garden followed by everyone else.

Off to campus to visit the twin towers on SCI-Tech for two rounds of stairs then back through campus by the fountain back to the Commons.

All ruckers got 3+ miles with some good hills and stairs.

Prayer Requests:

F3 Pax diagnosed with Covid and their recovery.

Havaad-Injured foot

Spinal Tap-Hurt Hip

Praise from Abu for Speed Square and Slalom.  Helped Kramden all day on Saturday build a treehouse for the 2.0’s.


6 year anniversary coming up 2/20 at Town Commons.


It was brought up this morning in COT about PAX reaching out when help is needed especially during times of injury or quarantine or whatever the situation may be.  This group of men are always willing to jump in and help out whenever needed, but it is always important to not hesitate to reach out when it is needed.  F3 is so much more than a workout group, it is a brotherhood that has endless benefits.  If ever in a time of need reach out to your brothers and know you can call any one of us and we will be there.


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