After a short disclaimer with only a few insults thrown about, but many interruptions, the workout went something like this.

Warm Up:Run to the light by Tapped and back

The Thang:

Tabata #1

  • Alternating one arm snatch
  • Push Press

Super Set #1

  • Tricep Press on the up count (15 Reps)
  • WW2’s in 30 seconds

We did this twice.

Walk to the shelter with kettle bell over head.

Tabata #2

  • Pull ups
  • Two arm Bicep curl

Walk kettle bell overhead back to the circle.

Super Set #2

  • Thrusters on the up count (15 Reps)
  • WW1’s in 30 seconds

We did this twice.

Tabata #3

  • Kettle bell swing
  • Clean and Jerk

Out of time just before finishing the last Clean and Jerk tabata.


  • Prayer Requests: 4 Leaf continued recovery, Splinter continued recovery, Abu’s coworker Cynthia Williams shoulder surgery, Wimpie’s Aunt battling breast cancer, Wimpie’s son recovery from a stress fracture, praise to Glow Worm’s son for his ECU acceptance, Slalom’s Dad, and lastly Cousteau, Grout, and Noonan going to the Bragg Heavy this weekend
  • Announcements:  F3ENC 5 Year Anniversary is Saturday!! Sign up so we know how much breakfast to get and please donate water, Gatorade, or money!
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