It’s been a while since yhc visited #tobaccoroad, so when the black pearl q came up, there was no better place to plan the black pearl to sail to.  Yhc put it out on the interwebs to bring your rucks and lights! 3 met up for a little EC, the fog was dense this morning, but glad the pax made it out. Short disclaimer was given, and off we went. As we got to the entrance to the parking lot, Aquaman pulled in.


  • We made a right on Grimmersburg, and rucked down to N.Davis St. Yhc told the pax that we would ruck the parallel streets to Grimmersburg, and shuffle all the perpendicular streets.  At each intersection from Davis Dr. we would stop and perform different exercises of 15 reps each, adding an exercise at each intersection. A disclaimer was given to keep the volume down, to keep from waking up neighborhood.
    • 1st Intersection – Squats (At this intersection, a vehicle approached us on the road, and someone joked it looked like Coldcut’s truck, well, it was!) This HIM went and parked, and met up with the pax)
    • 2nd Intersection – Squats, Shoulder Press
    • 3rd Intersection – Squats, Should Press, Ruck Rows (here Jackpot led out, and this brother led out in a commanding and audible voice, so Tonka whispered to him. Someone said, use your NPR voice, and from then on, we all tried to use that smooth sounding NPR voice that Tonka displayed.
    • 4th, 5th……… Flutter kicks, Ruck Swings, Curls for the girls, Lunges. We ran short on time, so we made our way back to the flag, shuffling most of the way back!


  • Schools – and all that are involved from teachers, parents, and students!
  • ATB recovered from Covid.
  • Aquaman – patience in life. Don’t worry about what we can’t control!
  • Pax who lost loved ones recently – family members, friends.
  • Yhc praise – family rallying around Aunty who lost her husband.



Moleskin – If you haven’t posted at #TobaccoRoad lately or at all, set your alarm 10 minutes earlier and make the trip.  This AO has it all! It was great seeing pax make the trip down to Farmville, and it was especially great to post with ATB again! The fog was extremely dense, but the commitment and passion of the pax to drive out is quite inspirational! Appreciate the leadership and commitment Scotty Moe and the pax in Farmville have, to keep this AO going. Thankful to Bono, Tonka, Coldcut, Aquaman and the leadership and accountability they bring. This is the F3 brotherhood, and yhc is sure glad to be part of it!

Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be likeminded one toward another according to Christ Jesus:That ye may with one mind and one mouth glorify God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. – Romans 15:5&6

Blessings – FP

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