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Good Mornings IC

Arm Circles IC

The Thang

YHC Loves to do ARMRAP. Everyone has different paces and I think this lets you do the workout correctly without sacrificing proper technique.

Round 1

1 legged dead lift- 5 each side

Crunch extending KB behind head and back- x 10

Plank Pull Through- x 10

Windmill- 5 each side

Squat with kb over head- 1 armed x 5 each side

Round 2

1 arm KB Swing x 10 each side

KB clean x 5 each side

KB press x 5 each side

Goblet squat x 10

KB swing clean squat press x 3 each side (press is done at low squat position)

Round 3

Pair up with someone who has the same size KB. 1 PAX would rest while the other performed the workout then switch.

Double KB Squat x 5

Double KB press x 5

Renegade Rows x 10

Double KB Bench press x 5

1 minute left WWII IC until 5:15


Just the Tips mother

Grateful for the people that are in our life

State Wrestling Tournament- pray for no injuries

C12 Members


I love the gloom. So many wonderful things have happened in my life because of it. I have found a mentor who pushes me to be a better person daily. I have found friends that have lift me up when I am in need. F3 is strengthening the men in our community with bible study and leadership teachings. It’s not just about working out with these men every morning. It’s about deepening our relationships with God and these great men. If all you get out of the F3 workouts is just getting in shape, you are missing out brother. There is so much more this group offers. The fitness part gets you in the door and opens up lots of opportunity for growth outside of the physical body.



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