EC Ruckmas Challenges

Day 3: 3 Rounds 30 Ruck Squats, 30 Push Ups, 30 Ruck Swings

Day 9: 9 Rounds AFAP Ruck 200m 9 Ruck Thrusters

Warm Up

F3 Christmas Challenge

Day 7: 7 Burpees, 70 Merkins

Merkin Variations

Crossover Merkins x 10

Tigerbend Merkins x 10

Archer Merkins x 10

Reverse Merkins x 10

Typewriter Merkins x 10

Plyo Merkin to Single Hand KB Hold x 10

Plyo Merkin to Double Hand KB Hold x 10

The Thang

Russian Swings x 10 IC

High Pulls x 10 IC

Cleans x 10 (5 each side) IC

Thrusters x 10 IC

Lawnmower Rows x 10 each side IC

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 for time

Russian Swings

High Pulls

Cleans (split in half, round up so even on both arms)


Lawnmower Rows (10 each, 9 each, etc.)

Pass off your KB to another PAX. Everyone ended up with a heavier bell than they started with. This is when I got my hands on Herny, the 100 lber that Mr. Belding named Herny short for herniated disc

Underhand Grip Squats (holding bottom of KB) x 10 IC

Russian Swings x 10 IC

Cleans x 10 (5 each side) IC

Goblet Squat x 10 IC

TGU Challenge for the last 10 minutes

Several PAX got their name on the board while everyone else who was on the board upped their weight for new PRs.

Prayer Requests: students and finals, Cousin It’s M’s grandma’s passing, Cold Cut’s niece, Kingpin, praise to Messi

Moleskin: I absolutely love leading this AO. Seeing the growth of the PAX is incredible. I ramp it up and you guys respond. No whining, just sweat equity and lots of encouragement. It is my pleasure to lead you guys.

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