The Thang

PAX circled up and we warmed up with some Good Mornings, Squats, and Merkins.

PAX counted off and were assigned pairs for the four evolutions that would follow.

For all evolutions, it was a You-Go-I-Go style partner workout in which PAX 1 works while PAX 2 holds his KB off the ground. Switch as needed. Complete the prescribed reps and plank until the 6 is in. If either partner dropped their KB at any point during any evolution, it was a 6-burpee penalty for both partners. Let’s Roll!!

First evolution, in pairs complete 200 KB swings (American). All PAX then ran a lap together. (LBCs for scale). Silverback dropped his KB immediately and was accessed a swift penalty to which he initially protested, but begrudgingly acquiesced.

Second evolution, in pairs complete 200 KB thrusters (time cap enforced). Run a lap

Third evolution, in pairs complete 200 single arm KB hang snatches (time cap enforced). (KB high pull for scale)

Fourth and final evolution, in pairs PAX completed 100 KB step ups at the picnic tables straight into double KB farmer’s carries from the picnic tables to the other side of the park and back. PAX 1 holds a plank whilst PAX 2 does farmer’s carries.

The more “virile” of the PAX started shuffling their farmer’s carries to test who was dumb enough to try to keep up. Noonan and Cousteau were among the first to push the pace and yours truly felt as if his manhood was on the line so I joined in with the shuffling as well. Others followed suit, others cheered, still others hurled insults and awaited the final horn 🙂

All is all it was a great experience as my VQ and the cherry has been popped. Looking forward to my next!!!!

Prayer requests: Scottie Mo’s brother passed pray for his family, Christian business owners, potential layoffs at Grout’s work, injured PAX, Keith Ingram’s baby boy (praise), mental health struggles, Rifiki’s sister in law’s friend had a miscarriage.

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