Saturday July 27th 95 men converged from all other regions such as Farmville, Washington, Carterico, Chowanoke, Raleigh, Carpex, and New Bern to conquer the one and only Sasquatch and complete the 5th annual F3ENC CSAUP.  This year was the second year with the Ruck division. We convened at Town Commons and began with a 6:00 start time and went like this:

Began with the disclaimer and quick safety talk as we had 2 FNG’s rucking with us this year. We had a word from Tonka as he spoke about giving it away and announced a change in leadership as he was handing over the Nantan role to Noonan. Proud to be apart of F3ENC and excited to see Noonan excel in this role.

Running: The first workout was held at Town Commons and led by Stretch from JOCO although has ENC in his blood as he was the former Site Q at the Commons before he departed so it only made sense to have him Q the first AO. The running competitors took off to Aycock for the second AO and workout led by Grout from ENC. All PAX made it safely after the first long leg of 3.3 miles to be welcomed by Ma Bell, Vanilla, and Charlie Brown. Grout does what he doesn’t best and try to obliterate the legs with some dumb burpee variations and other fun stuff! Runners took off to Coops Stronghold which was close to 1.55 miles for the workout led by Mamas Boy from Washington.  This AO definitely led the most mumblechatter award again and most awkward. Partner Bear Crawls and we’ll leave it at that!  Take off for just about .55 miles to ELM Street Park where Navy from Carterico made a statement about fart sacking. Leaving ESP, there was one more AO so moseying to Green Springs at just about 1.55 miles where Midget from Raleigh led the final workout. Green Springs Park is where the race began, a 3.4 mile sprint to the finish.

Cousin IT, Strokes, Zucker, Harry Potter, Tonka, and Past Due had the privilege of pushing 3 Ainsley Angel runners. Instructions were given by YHC and the angels took off first, followed by the runners, then the Rucker’s were dismissed.

Rucking: 20+ Ruckers gathered for a few quick words of instruction. We were reminded of the route, safety, and the requirement to adhere to the standard 17:30 mile. The Ruckers were a little more spread out as some made it all the way to Aycock, the turned around and headed straight to the stadium. Most of the Rucker’s made it to the stadium on time and MOST worked out with the rest of the PAX. Next stop – Green Springs Park. Many PAX increased the intensity to warm up for the final leg. We reached the park quickly and anxiously awaited the Runners. Some grounded rucks while others chose to stay rucked up for the suck.  Tclaps.


Sasquatch Award (1st Place Runner)- The Streak-ENC

Second Place- Amigo (F3ENC)

Third Place-Footloose


First- Grand Master Flash-ENC


The Sasquatch is not possible without the support from other regions, and most importantly the men of F3 that step up to compete in the event, but more importantly the support team.Without the support team, this event could not happen as they are the backbone to the entire event.  Hurricane, your work with the support team and medical support is second to none, and YHC never felt safer knowing those guys were there.

Bearded Jester:

RUCKERSHIP: The special brand of Fellowship engendendered by men moving together under ruck.

Overall, I feel the event was well received and the pax enjoyed themselves. I was glad to see several of the guys I Q’d with in Carterico there. The push through the pain and farthest drive were not intended to be funny, more of a testament of how committed the pax is. The creeper stach award well, Gazelle had it coming.There really is nothing like the second F at F3, I don’t know of any other place that has such a strong commitment to serving others.

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