YHC is thankful for F3ENC and the power of this event could never appropriately be put into words. This backblast is YHC

Clock hit 5:30 and disclaimer provided by Rafiki and Candy Cane. Tonka was invited to share mission and core principles with the PAX in attendance.

Warm Up (in cadence) provided by Jackpot:

  • Side Straddle Hops x 15
  • Cherry Pickers x 10

The Thang:

YHC provided directions for PAX to count off in fours to segment into four different groupings. The one’s stayed at the flag with Showboat, the two’s went to the picnic shower with Captain Obvious, the three’s went to the rock pile with Patch, and the four’s went between the softball fields with Slalom. Each group experienced

  • Station 1, led by Showboat at the flag where PAX completed 2 rounds of the following:
    • Merkins x 25
    • Squats x 25
    • Hallelujahs x 25
    • WWI’s x 25
    • Michael Phelps (4-count) x 15
  • Station 2, led by Captain Obvious at the picnic shelter:

30 seconds SLOW COUNT (In Cadence)

15 seconds AMRAP

15 seconds REST

  1. Merkins
  2. American Hammers
  3. Squat Jumps
  4. Peter Parker Merkins
  5. Scissor Twists
  6. Side Lunge Jumps
  7. Flippers (Forearm Plank to Forearm Pike)
  8. V-Ups
  9. Step-Back Lunge Jumps
  10. Burpees (AMRAP ONLY until time complete)
  • Station 3, led by Patch at the rock pile:


  • goblet squats
  • triceps extensions
  • flutter kicks rock overhead
  • OH press
  • partner WWII rock passes
  • chest presses

PAX dice roll determine rock rotation with bear crawls around circle if magic number rolled- curls for the girls if more time

  • Station 4, led by Slalom in between the softball fields:

PAX arrived at my station and I shared the good news is, I am not a fan of Burpees.  The even better news is,  I am a fan of 8-count Body Builders.  Of course, a few were not certain what an 8-count Body Builder exercise entails; so they wanted a demo and YHC was happy to provide one.  When it came to the last group though and it was CousinIT who asked for a demo, I knew the other Qs and stations had done their job and it was merely a stall tactic before we began.  (I did share I find it strange that I truly like the 8-count Body Builders and not so much the Burpee.  After all, all it is, is a Burpee with a plank jack included.)  Before jumping right into the 8-count BBs though, YHC explained before we did them, we would deconstruct them.  We did so (with the first group) by doing Squats (IC, x10), Merkins (IC, x11) and Plank Jacks (IC x12)…thereafter we proceeded to do the 8-count BB (IC, x10).  I knew we’d have 10 minutes per station. Candy Cane and Rafiki had shared as much when sharing the plan for the 5 Yr Anniversary celebration.  So, I wasn’t sure if that would allow time to do 2 or 3 sets with simply rinsing and repeating what we had just done.  However, I did quickly recognize that 10 minutes x 4 groups was going to kick my butt.  Candy Cane had provided a warning to just that dynamic.  He echoed more than once, remember you’ll being doing your weinke (whatever it would be) four times.  With just the first group and just the first set, I was out of breath and wondered what I had been thinking when deciding this was my plan!  Nevertheless, I smiled and looked around the circle and said, since we apparently still have time, let’s rinse and repeat.  And then, I look around and called upon my brothers for support.  I requested assistance and asked who’d like to lead cadence this time for the squats (asked again for another to lead merkins, and then another for plank jacks)?  Help availed within every group whether volunteered or called upon.  With the first group, I recognized that an 8-count BB done in cadence is taxing all the way around.  Whether on the count or on the various levels of fitness between the PAX.  Consequently, Groups 2 through 4 benefited from the lesson learned and we did the 8-count BB OYO.  We’d start them together and I explained once I had gotten to the # of reps set, we’d recover.  This way, those who could do more were free to do so and others were free to do as many as allowable in the time it’d take me to do a full set.  (I’m pretty sure I got slower with each group).  We did maintain cadence though for the other exercises that deconstructed the 8-count BBs.  When Group 3 arrived, there seemed to be a consensus that we Qs had not collaborated on our weinkes and a lot of merkins were being done this gloom.  As well, Group 3 consisted of many runners (vs ruckers and/or boot campers) and the suggestion of wind sprints was tossed out.  The idea reminded me of Grout’s A Boy Named Sue Backblast where he shared sprints are the single best exercise out there which are not utilized enough at our boot camps.  And since the idea was tossed out there by Tonka who started and is he Site Q for A Boy Named Sue, I was happy to oblige.  Given this, Groups 3 & 4 got to do sprints in between the sets of exercises and 8-count BBs.  Along with all this, I wish to give a shout-out to Strokes who was a part of Group 1.  Once I professed to being winded after both sets of 8-count BBs and the deconstruction exercises with them.  He was the one who suggested a short round of Marys until time to transition between stations.  It was the perfect compliment to what I had planned to do and what was unplanned (how long it would take to execute the plan).  All in all, F3 rocks, the station I was privileged to lead got rocked, and it’s all b/c of the HIM who got up and showed up!  Thoroughly enjoyed the morning that was about celebrating the 5th year of F3ENC Crossbones!

PAX were summoned and hastily returned to the flag where they were welcomed by a round of Molly from Charlie Brown and Abu until the clock struck 8am. COT began and was easily the most powerful ones ever. String Bean took the lead on dropping some major F3 meaning that fired everyone up.

Many thanks to the F3ENC PAX who entrusted Rafiki and YHC to coordinate this amazing celebration of 5 years in the ENC gloom.


  • Splinter – Praise for successful surgery. Listen to your body. (view words on twitter via Rafiki)
  • Messi’s Grandad
  • White Tail‘s new cousin
  • Jackpot’s ordination interview on Monday
  • Kevlar’s family
  • Showboat’s wife expecting a 2.0
  • Punch Out’s new 2.0
  • 4-Leaf’s recovery
  • Cousteau, Grout, and Noonan taking on the Bragg Heavy
  • Praise for Moses being here

Moleskin: YHC wants everyone to reflect on what F3 means to them and what F3 has done for them. Now that you’ve thought about that… give it away so that someone else can benefit. It is why we do what we do.

SYITG, suckas!

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